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Looking to improve your playing? Then check out Mind Over Meter the brand new tuition book from James Hester.

The Cars On Fire drummer, and Head of Drums at the Bristol Institute Of Modern Music (BIMM), has put together a text which gives you all you need to help you develop your voice on the kit.

He explains: “I began writing the book a long time ago, although initially the ideas were just for me to work on – stickings to help me play certain subdivisions. Then I started mixing them up and incorporating the bass drum. I found I was able to improvise fills and linear grooves more easily and play tricky phrasings and rhythms with ease.

“I also realised whilst teaching at BIMM that I was using the same basic ideas that are in the book to teach in class and also for the tutorials we have – you name it: Polyrhythms, jazz comping, latin, four way co-ordination, fills, linear grooves, odd time signatures… everything!

“Finally my years of studying drummers and stripping back their ideas has led me to the essential seven options we have as drummers. The last chapter of the book is a study of these options and how other people have put them into practice do sound completely individual but with the same basic idea with a view to you doing the same.”

Here are some comments from my good friends Stanton Moore, Steve White, Jason Bowld, Pete Riley, Pete Lockett and Craig Blundell. Please feel free to drop me a line of you have any questions!

“James Hester has such a deep understanding of groove, meter, and writing. His concepts are easy to understand and his ideas are laid out in a way that makes it fun to apply and practice. Whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or in between, “Mind Over Meter” can really help you grasp the foundation of beats and how they can be used multiple ways!”

Matt Halpern

“James’ book provides a fresh outlook on subdivisions and stickings (a subject quite close to my heart!). There are endless possibilities and these ideas will keep you busy for a long time. I look forward to digging deeper into this one!”

Stanton Moore

“‘Mind Over Meter’ is an important sticking tool every drummer at every level should have to broaden their creative horizons”

Jason Bowld

“This book, for me, defines what James is as a person and a musician. Its precise, its out there, its passionate, its effective, its fun, its infectious…”

Craig Blundell

“This book has enough material to keep you going for years and I would definitely recommend it. It starts with a thorough and expansive routine of putting different phrased groupings and stickings through many different meters, really pushing the boundaries of where you can go with modulated counter rhythms. Once these are translated into groove and fill ideas the material really starts to show its full potential, as it does in the extremely testing second section which covers four way independence in a completely unique way. A must have for the drummers library”

Pete Lockett

“I have known James for many years and watched him grow from a keen and eager student to become a top professional drummer and a fine, dedicated educator and tutor. In his debut publication, James gives valuable insight to an interesting and varied collection of techniques that are both musical and totally relevant to today’s eager student and tomorrows top pro. A must have addition to any drummers library”

Steve White

“What an excellent book. James has managed to present this hip and challenging material in a unique and clear format that makes the path from essential building blocks to serious four way co-ordination appear achievable by anyone. Great stuff!”

Pete Riley

Here are a few links – first off, the Facebook page where I will be uploading audio and video etc:

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