June 2014 Update

Well it’s been nearly a year since my last update, which rather ironically was celebrating my ability to stay up to date with my blogs..!

Lots has happened in the last year or so – finishing up working with Cars On Fire was bitter sweet – I’ve been in bands for 20 odd years and the politics, rehearsals, travel, gigs, constant pushing onwards does take its toll – you don’t realise until it’s removed how much pressure it is. It’s nice not to have that for a while – for the first time in 20 years! I miss the guys terribly and playing the music and the fans. A lot – I’m nearly getting itchy feet though so a new project is around the corner!

As for other work, sessions have been fun – some little movie things, a couple of friends albums and some bits and pieces here and there – it’s been enough to keep me out of mischief and that’s no bad thing…

At the start of 2014 I write a huge piece for Rhythm Magazine that took a year to put together – re-recording 10 of the most classic sounding drum tracks from ‘Enter Sandman’ to ‘Be My Baby’ and everywhere in between. It was a massive undertaking and I learned a massive amount from it – some of which I’ll be sharing on this website over the summer.

I’m out and about this summer doing some awesome Hybrid Masterclasses for Roland – I’ll post the details – the first one is at Monday June 30th at Musicians World in Narbeth, Wales – apparently its a posh hotel with lots of eager drummers.. should be fun!