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Remo Drummer Night, London 08, event featured Ian Matthews, Chad smith, Steve White, Neal Wilkinson, Karl Brazil, Cherisse Osei, Paul Stewart, Mark Shulman and many other awesome drummers! Video courtesy of Jerome Marcus/ Remo (Takes a few mo’s to download..)

Africa by the Meters, from the Remo Drummer Night in London, alongside Ian Matthews, Chad Smith, Steve White, Jo Jo Mayer, Karl Brazil, Neal Wilkinson and a load of other drumming mega stars – Video by Jerome Marcus/ Remo

Malakai on the BBC\’s Lily Allen show filmed at Pinewood (click on this link to go to Youtube)

Malakai miming and a little tipsy on Nuts TV!

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DRUMMER MAGAZINE INTERVIEW – Number 2 (Click On images to enlarge)

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Interview on The Black Page website

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